Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grab-bag: tweet me

I spent the past two days curled up with blankets and tea watching episodes of Firefly on Netflix while trying to shake the head cold that had been tailing me--and I think I managed to lose it. Although I now understand both why Firefly had a cult following and got canceled after only one season on TV.

Also this week I discovered that perhaps the most informative time to be reading your Twitter feed is between 8:00 and 9:00 am. At this time very few people are tweeting about their dog or their fatigue or their efforts to find air tight kitchen containers ... no, wait, someone was tweeting about that ever six minutes and trust me, it's even more annoying before 9:00 am than it is after. But I found some rather interesting bookish articles out there.

New book reviews for indie press books including that of a collection of poetry produced by New Issues Press (which is cool because I know people here in town who work for New Issues.

The Slate tells us How to Write Like a Victorian.

Author Jackson Pierce explains how the NYTimes bestseller list works--a must see video for all bookish and writerly types:

Oh and then NPR has an article/podcast on why independent bookstores will survive the failing chains, you know be the wily mammal to the sickly, giant dinosaur.

And lastly, five authors talk about their book editors.

Highly Recommended