Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pink Fluffy Enemy

Tuesday morning I woke up with work to do.  I needed to spend quality computer time and get said work done as soon as possible.  It was 7:00 am.  It was cold.  I grabbed the nearest warm thing: a fluffy pink bathrobe.  

It was so warm. So comfortable.  So dangerous.

That morning I spent six hours in my bathrobe.  The work got done and at about 1:00 pm I hauled my pajama and robe clad self into the bathroom to shower and change into adult clothes.  Now, for someone who works primarily form home, this was a dangerous activity.  I know a lot of people see the robe and slippers as the sole reason to "work from home."  Not me.  I tend to want to dress to go out to tell myself to get the work done. Not dress fancy, but dress in a way that if I had to run outside in, for instance, the event of a fire or my landlord knocking on my door, or my neighbor coming to borrow vanilla extract (no shit, that happened just yesterday), then I will not be embarrassed by what I'm wearing.  

But now I know how warm that damn robe is.  And warm while sitting at a desk in my apartment all winter trumps almost everything.  So it's the knowing that's dangerous.  The temptation that wasn't present before.  Because whatever happens, I DON'T want to spend this winter in my bathrobe, it's just got bad connotations, ya know?

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