Saturday, January 09, 2016

Korean Drama Review: Splash Splash Love

Splash Splash Love is a two-part 2015 Korean web drama (I watched it on Viki). Yes, just two episodes. Totaling just under two-and-a-half hours, it's meatier than most feature films but briefer than most TV dramas. Consequently, the focus stays tightly on the lead character without much visual "down time" or delving into secondary characters. But you walk away from this absolutely delightful drama feeling like you've just watched a 12 or 16 episode story.

Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) is a nineteen year-old student who hates math more than anything. On the day of her big exam -- one she's certain will doom her to a dismal future because she has no shot at passing math -- she runs away from the testing center. Wishing to disappear to someplace far away, she jumps into a puddle . . . and falls through the puddle into the courtyard of a Joseon king. Her sudden appearance is witnessed by not just the king, but the entire court. Desperate to be seen as someone worth not killing, Dan Bi tells the progressive king she's exactly the person he's been searching for: a mathematician. [Read more . . .]

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oh My Venus!

Are you watching Oh My Venus? If you kdrama, you absolutely should be watching this show!
About a month ago, I gave my reaction to the first two episodes, I thought it was going to be awesome, and ten episodes in, it is still freaking awesome. The romantic relationship between the leads (1) does not involve fat shaming and (2) deviates from the majority of kdrama I've seen by being more grown up. The female lead is scripted to be 32, the male lead is . . . older but I couldn't say by how much. They don't do that awkward love/hate thing, or the oh-so-sweet-no-hand-holding-because-that's-skinship thing.

Love it so much!!! The first two episodes aired this week and I found myself immediately rewatching them. Oh My Venus (also titled Beautiful Lady) strikes exactly the right note.
Premise from DramaFever: 
In an effort to support her family, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah in her first drama since Arrang and the Magistrate) has become a workaholic lawyer without any regard for her personal well being. Overweight, unattractive and depressed at the prime of her life, Joo Eun comes across Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub in his first drama since The Master's Sun), a renowned personal trainer who considers health a deeply personal calling. Can Young Ho and his stubborn perfectionism whip Joo Eun’s body—and heart—back into shape?
Want to know more about my assessment of the show? The heroine with a backbone, the mystery of the hero, the gorgeous tub time? Read on here. All my hopes and fears are coming and not coming to be in a way that's making me very happy. Let's hope it holds until the show's final episode!
Oh My Venus, Does it hurt? Not your feelings, your shoulder. I don't care about your feelings, I care about your shoulder.
Does it hurt? Not your feelings, your shoulder.
I don't care about your feelings, I care about your shoulder.

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