Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why apply to Odyssey?

This weekend my bit about why I applied to Odyssey Writing Workshop appeared on the Odyssey livejournal.  The prompt begins:
The Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop has been called an MFA in six weeks and a stepladder to professional publication. Fifty-three percent of Odyssey graduates go on to get their work published. But what, in particular, drives writers to apply to the program? And how do their expectations for the workshop compare to the reality of attending? We asked Odyssey graduates:
Why did you first apply to Odyssey? How many times did you apply before you were accepted? Did you get everything out of it that you were expecting? How did it differ from your expectations? 
TheLiz from Home is Where the Cat Is read the post and said "I love your first line!" In the interest of full disclosure I should state that my original answer to the question was slightly different. I originally wrote:
I applied because I was pissed.
Can we say that on the Odyssey Livejournal?
Okay, I applied because I was ticked off.
Apparently, we can't say that on the Odyssey livejournal. :)

Read my reply and others.

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