Monday, June 18, 2012

End table dilemma

I love/hate having a great stack of great books to read on the table beside my couch.

That's where they live while waiting for me to read them, by the way. My TBR or "to be read" pile doesn't live beside my bed or on my nightstand. Oh no. It lives on the end table beside the couch. That's where they wait for my attention. Because let me tell you, it's only when a book grips my interest enough to keep me from sleep that I invite it into bed for a little pre-slumber reading.

Right now, the end table poses a delimma. I have an assortment of books I want to read and must pick who I read next.

The book that's been sitting on my end table the longest is Stephen King's Gunslinger. I've never read The Dark Tower series and I want to! But at the same time I don't know much about the series other than that it's good. And that lack is the difference between want to and really want to.

I also have a beautifully fluffy novel called Sparks Fly by Katie MacAlister. The impetus to read now is simple: this is a library book with multiple holds on it. Other people want it and if I hold onto it too long I can't renew my checkout. The novel is the third in the Light Dragons series which itself is the third series in Katie MacAlister's dragon world which I previously wrote about here.

But the fourth book in "The Others" series by Jess Haines is coming out July 3! And it's been sooo freaking long since I read the three books previous -- okay it's been about a year -- that I'm thinking I should really reread them before I jump into Stalking the Others. And trust me, before I jump into Stalking the Others I'm going to want to reread the three previous novels.

Oooo, and look at that pretty book cover? Doesn't it just want to leap into your shopping cart? Major, major improvement over previous covers, particularly book two where the heroine looked more like a stripper.

Regardless of their bad covers, I need to revisit books one through three before embarking on this beauty. ... and hey, I was planning to write all of this out for the O post of my A to Z challenge which I never reached. Correction: have not yet reached ... because I'm not done. I'm just a snail. A busy, easily distracted snail.

Book one, Hunted by the Others, was just  an okay read, in fact I was disappointed that it wasn't trashier than it was despite having a hot werewolf and a hot vampire character, nonevermind that the main character is freaked the fuck out by the evilness of the vampire. I read it shortly after it came out and then forgot about it for a while. Then, more than a year later, I was in the mood for an urban fantasy and I was at the point where I was caught up on all my favorite series and I was down to the point of picking up a mediocre urban fantasy that I knew a bit about or an urban fantasy that I knew nothing about which could be mediocre or could suck or could be pretty good. I went with the evil I knew -- and I was not disappointed. While Hunted by the Others was just okay, it set up a really cool world that books two and three engage with in a hot damn! sort of way. The main character's relationship with the vampire world (previously seen as soulless evil) gets a bit more gray, and her relationship with the werewolf world gets ... complicated. The end of book three leaves us with one helluva cliffhanger. The kind where I'm enthralled and pissed off and salivating for the next book all at the same time. So I want to make the most of book four, and that means rereading books 1-3 to remember everything from character names to places and relationships, because frankly, it's all gotten fuzzy in the intervening months.

Stripper cover, yes? Anyone care to argue that its not? She's even carrying her own pole. Sorry art department, that's not a crime fighter, that's a receptacle for one dollar bills. 

So now, here I am, mid-June with a reading dilemma on my hands or, um, on my end table.

Highly Recommended