Friday, April 06, 2012

Everyday Dragons

For the 2012 blogging from A to Z challenge, I'm writing to the theme of book series that I love. Mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a few others thrown in.

I'm including three series by one author under the moniker Everyday Dragons today.  These are the dragons, demons, doppelgangers, and humans of Katie MacAlister's Aisling Grey, Silver Dragons, and The Light Dragons series. They're funny, spunky, set in contemporary Europe with hot men, hot women, evil wizards, brooding dragon-men and a demon who's not that evil but loves taking the form of a Newfoundland because of the awesome amounts of mess he can make.

The first series focuses on the character Aisling Grey (first person narration from Aisling's point of view), an American who knows nothing of the fantasy world of dragons, demons, etc. when she's sent to Europe to courier an expensive delivery. She runs into a dragon in his human form. Of course, the mere idea of a dragon in the same room as an expensive item is a recipe for theft -- if dragons do one thing in literature, it's covet treasure, and Katie MacAlister's dragons are no different! So beings You Slay Me.

The second series is the plight of the Silver Dragons who've been cursed centuries ago. While featuring a heavy overlap in terms of world and characters, these novels have a brand new female character narrating them (also first person).

The third series starts to answer some of the big historical questions brought up in the previous two series. What really happened to Ysolde and Baltic four hundred years ago? The third book of the Light Dragons comes out May 1 (cover at right).

These are fun books. A good comedic romp. They have enough romance and intrigue to be interesting, enough wit to make me snort a couple of times, and -- best of all -- the heroine, more often than not, is strong enough and smart enough to save herself!

These series are best read in the order described here as they build off of each other in terms of plot and characters, although you could probably pick up the first book in any of the series and figure things out without too many problems.

1. Aisling Grey series order: You Slay Me, Fire Me Up, Light My Fire, and Holy Smokes.

2. Silver Dragons series order: Playing With Fire, Up in Smoke and Me and My Shadow.

3. The Light Dragons series order: Love in the Time of Dragons, The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons, and Sparks Fly (forthcoming on May 1). No word yet as to whether the Light Dragons are going to be a three or four (or more!) book series.

Highly Recommended