Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grave Witch

For the 2012 blogging from A to Z challenge, I'm writing to the theme of book series that I love. Mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a few others thrown in.

Grave Witch is the first title in the Alex Craft series by Kalayna Price. I love love love Grave Witch. I read it before I read the Kim Harrison novels about the character Rachel Morgan, and when I got to Rachel Morgan's world, (which was written 5-10 years before Kalayna Price brought out Grave Witch), I couldn't help but think that Grave Witch was a more sophisticated version of the same world.  If you like Rachel Morgan, you'll like Alex Craft.

The characters are beautifully crafted and so is the gritty crime world that Alex Craft deals with. She's a witch who can raise the shades of the dead temporarily. Her skills are invaluable to the police department and loved ones looking for closure, in spite of this, she frequently finds herself with pennies in her purse.

In a world where witches and fae abound but aren't fully accepted, Alex Craft carves out a carefully narrow social and economic existence. One where Death, a grim-reaper-type-hottie that only she can see, knows more about her than many of her closest corporeal friends.

Grave Dance, the second book, is already out, with the third, Grave Memory, scheduled to drop this July. I wait with bated breath.

Highly Recommended