Saturday, April 14, 2012


For the 2012 blogging from A to Z challenge, I'm writing to the theme of book series that I love. Mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a few others thrown in.

I could have gone for one of the more popular H series out there -- Harry Potter, Hunger Games, one of those. But what I really wanted to write about was David Weber's Hradani novels.

Starting with Oath of Swords David Weber introduces us to Bazhell Bahnakson, a prince of the Horse Stealer hradani, an oversized race known for their rages. The book opens with Bazhell finding himself in a shitload of trouble just for being a good guy. Everything that makes Bazhell Bazhell makes him the perfect champion for the gods.

Of course, everything that makes Bazhell Bazhell says there's no way in hell he'll ever be the champion of the gods!

He also has an unlikely companion on his journey, Brandark.

Brandark is another hradani and while only slightly less skilled as a warrior than Bazhell, Brandark has the soul of a bard ... and the voice of a hoarse toad.

These books manage to have fun, lighthearted moments as well as strike that deep resonant chord about doing what is right in the face of those who would have you take the easy path of what is wrong. They're also a series that both my father and I agree on and adore.

Second book: The War God's Own. Third: Wind Rider's Oath. The fourth book in the series, War Maid's Choice, has been a long time coming. It's scheduled to appear this July after a seven year dearth of Bazhell books.

Highly Recommended