Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ad of the Week Loser

Reason Number One why the people who made this ad -- no, no, no, the men who made this ad totally lose:  The point of the giant purse is not to carry more books because we want to carry more books.  The point of the giant purse is as a fashion accessory which is on trend.  (read: trendy, stylish, cute in the eyes of other trendy and stylish women)

Reason Number Two why the men who made this ad totally lose: no one, and I mean no one, who doesn't work in the news industry carries two newspapers at once.

Reason Number Three why the men who made this ad totally lose: once you get past the point of the giant purse being it's fashion forwardness, you come to the function of the giant purse.  And no woman carries a giant purse so that she can carry around her library with her.  She does it so she can carry her wallet, phone, keys, makeup, spare brush, a snack for later, pens papers, the memos from work, the thing she has to mail at the post office, umbrella, sweater for when it gets cold, a change of clothes for when she stays over at her boyfriend's -- or if this is a mommy bag, a change of clothes for when the kid inevitably spills something all over himself.

No one, not even a bibliophile like me, carries multiple books, newspapers, and magazines at once.

I like ereaders.  I think they're kinda cool.  But this commercial failed miserably.

Besides, if you're gonna carry all that stuff in your purse anyway, then what's another few ounces to throw in a paperback?

Highly Recommended