Friday, April 02, 2010

Water Bottle Boycott

I saw the book The Story of Stuff at the book store the other day when I was in to buy CHANGELESS (which is fun to read so far). But they have videos too!

I have to say that I get really disgusted when I watch people wandering around the grocery store with a tray of bottled water in the bottom of their cart. I believe the exact phrase that when through my mind last week was holy shit! You're planning to consume out of a disposable bottle? If you MUST buy your water then why not get it in the giant jugs and tubs (most of which you can refill) and then put it into reusable bottles?
each year making the plastic water bottles consumed in the US takes enough gas to fuel a million cars.
What freaks me out about this whole thing is that we're not just using oil in our cars ... we're using it in almost all plastics. I nearly had a panic attack walking down the main aisle of Target the other day when I realized precisely how much oil product I was surrounded by. Rows and rows and shelves and shelves of plastic containers.

And yes, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I'm willing to search out and even pay more for items that are made of, at least in part, recycled materials.

Highly Recommended