Monday, March 01, 2010

Well that was awful

On Friday I knew I was getting sick but I thought it would pass quickly. I was wrong. So, after spending my entire weekend sitting up both nights in an arm chair so I could breathe, slipping in and out of sleep but never sleeping more than a couple hours, and wandering around the apartment by day with a roll of toilet paper because I ran out of Kleenex, I am finally feeling better.

More than anything I'm annoyed that I lost the entire weekend. No, I didn't have big plans, and yes, the weather was awful those three days I wasn't feeling well -- but I could have gotten so much work done! I could have been researching! or reading! or writing! But it was all I could do to concentrate on mindless TV.

The good news for me was that they were running a lot of movies and then Olympic coverage. I felt absolutely no qualms about falling asleep half an hour into You've Got Mail and waking up again when Meg Ryan attempts to meet her internet man in the cafe. Nor was I upset to fall asleep during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I just wish I had stayed asleep through that odd parade-like presentation with the giant inflated beavers with "made in Canada" stamped on their butts circling the Mounties and canoes and the mermaid women who kept opening and closing their maple leaf appendages in a vaguely sexual but definitely disturbing manner.

Highly Recommended