Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on the Research

Super excited because I spent my Friday night with a box of Kleenex (for the cold) sifting through four library databases (first searching WorldCat for the author's names that I have in Partners in Wonder as printing in Astounding and Amazing Stories pre-1940 and then searching through the two local libraries to make sure the books aren't just a few miles from them, then searching through the state database for the specific title because its general search function is abysmal and getting the books sent to me)and I did it! I found early women SF short story writers' work!

I probably shouldn't be, but I'm seriously impressed with my patience -- and my luck.

All this got going again because of the comment left on my last post asking if I'd found Leigh Brackett. I'd found scholars writing about her but none of her own writing. At least, not in this university library. Thus the four overlapping databases and, finally, success! So thanks for getting me rolling again.

Particularly, I'm excited for the Sci-Fi WOMANthology because someone out there thought to compile short fiction that was out of copyright into one anthology! Yay!

Project Gutenberg, btw, is practically useless on this line of inquiry.

I'll still likely have to make a pilgrimage to Bowling Green University's special library collection of pop culture goodness, but at least this way I can narrow my search down before I leave and therefore spend my time there more wisely.

Highly Recommended