Sunday, January 03, 2010

Are You Hopeful?

From New York Magazine, News & Features:
According to a new poll taken by the AP, the majority of Americans thought 2009 was a complete turd of a year. (Read more.)

The brief article -- which I got a total kick out of because it used the word turd -- states that three fourths of Americans said 2009 was "bad." Although, more stunning is that almost half of Americans said the year was "very bad." Then again, is that really stunning?

What I wonder about though, is the three fourths of people who think that 2010 will be "good." The writer of the article put in his snide two bits that painted this 75% as unrealistically optimistic, but when faced with something that was "really bad" I think most of us believe whatever comes next has to be better. But the question I would have formulated if I had all the data in front of me would be how much overlap is there: are the same three thirds who thought 2009 was "bad," the same three thirds that think 2010 will be "good"?

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