Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dream Bigger

Welcome to 2010.

Aquarius posted that her 2010 resolution was to dream bigger. Her reason for why is a short but sweet little story that is worth popping over to her blog to read. But even without a story behind it, dreaming bigger is the kind of goal, resolution, initiative that we all should embrace.

Think about how many people will resolve to lose weight in the new year only to quit their diets before the end of February (I'm being generous with my time estimate). Dream bigger. Dream not of the result but of the life that encompasses the result. Don't resolve to lose weight, resolve to change your lifestyle. Not "I'm gonna see Sven in the gym six days a week" change your lifestyle, but "I'm gonna think differently about food" change your lifestyle.

Perhaps this is a small example of thinking bigger but I think it is an apt place to start considering the practice of dreaming bigger and not just the dream of dreaming bigger.

I have big plans -- big dreams -- for 2010.

My only resolution is to read 52 books in the coming year (one down, 51 to go). Last year I made this same resolution and came in at 50. Not too bad but I can do better.

As for my 2010 dreams: I'm playing this one close to the vest. Don't get me wrong, I have giant lists posted on the walls of my apartment where I can't much miss seeing them everyday. But it seems to me that when you start dreaming big you might be able to tell someone your end goal -- and they'll nod and think you've got stars in your eyes -- but you can't tell them how you'll get there. You can't hammer them over the head with your lists and your plans and formulas. If you insist on discussing your big dreams then they insist on pointing out the flaws and holes and improbabilities. So I'll stick to keeping my big dreams and bigger goals written down and hung beside my desk; I'll post calendars with dates and deadlines and quotas in my living room.

If you're going to accomplish the impossible, you have to start somewhere, right?

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