Thursday, September 24, 2009

Season Premirers

I try to stay away from TV addiction. Try being the operative word. In reality I'm addicted to House, NCIS, Law & Order (thankfully all in reruns on the cable channels which can be viewed at almost anytime), and then Top Chef, Project Runway, Burn Notice and Grey's Anatomy. For a woman who's not addicted I sure do use a lot.

Let's forget my TV consumption problem for a minute and discuss Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I just said that; don't hate me.

Here's the deal: I don't follow spoilers and I don't like entertainment tabloids -- I have a hard enough time processing real news that I certainly don't need to spend time processing fake news via Hollywood. I heard rumor (one, only one has gotten through my internal Hollywood-gossip spam filter) about what might be happening this fall and that was that actors Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight (Izzy and George) would not be returning to the show. Ack!

Okay, let's back track.

At the end of last season both characters "died." That is to say that they crossed over to the super-bright Hospital which equals death on the show. The too-bright, empty set serves as the "other world" and occasionally as the "in between" for characters that leave the show and make us (me) cry when doing so. Meredith spent almost three episodes in the super-bright set during season three, if you'll recall, and came back just fine.

Okay, spending that long dead and returning is an absolute stretch of the imagination but, *meh* believability = not important.

Which leads me to wonder if Izzy in her "prom" dress descending in the elevator to meet George in his soldier's uniform (which he's never gotten the chance to wear in "life" btw) all in the super-bright-hospital-of-the-dead really means they will remain dead. Surely one of them will live regardless of what the TV tabloids said to me months ago. Wouldn't that make the best fake out to leak to the press?

You could shake your head and say I'm a sap for wanting them to live, but, honestly, how do you think the show will function with both the "heart and soul" characters dead? All the other characters have crazy trust issues; there's a certain disbelief in humanity that, logically, will only deepen if Izzy and George die. Okay, Little Grey still believes in people but she's about it.

Needless to say, I will be spending two hours tonight answering all these questions.

Highly Recommended