Monday, August 03, 2009

How Long Can You Go Without Checking Your Email?

I've been playing the I'm-not-gonna-check-it game. This game has it's roots in the I'm-not-touching-you game you played to torment your siblings in the backseat of the car and the I'm-not-looking-at-you game you played as a teenager trying not to be caught staring at the guy/girl you had a major crush on. [I'm-not-looking-at-you game also familiar to engineers and cats.]

I get on the internet, go to my iGoogle homepage, glance at the five most recent subject lines emails on the page and then move on. Occasionally I will open my email to read subject lines and senders looking for something that might be time sensitive. I don't really find anything that is though. So after reading subject lines, I log off before reading content. For the most part, I close down the entire computer in under 20 minutes. And I'm only doing this once a day. Practically unheard of in my world.

Read a great summer book -- What She Wants, by Cathy Kelly -- and spent quite a bit of time this past week thinking about cooking, baking, food and food preparation. I even bot potted herbs. Now I need to go out and get them a window box thingy to hang off my "French balcony" railing. If I had a non-French balcony I could just put them on the balcony. But the Frenchness means that it is just a safety rail attached to the side of the building to keep idiots from walking out of the sliding glass door and falling several stories onto the air conditioning unit. Idiots are safe, but the plants have no space.

All of this has been part of me not spending time on the internet or reading email. Which begs the question, how long can you go without checking your email?

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