Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rule#23: Never mess with a Marine's cofee if you want to live.

Marathons of NCIS are a dangerous -- but oh so entertaining -- thing. I have a friend who suggested a bunch of us dress up as the cast for Halloween. I hope that pans out. It would be fun. All I need is a hat and a black wig.

I'm also watching a family move out one of my across the street neighbors. There's two apartments of (mostly) guys across the street. I can't tell if there's two guys in each apartment or three. This weekend they had a really big party. I knew because at about 2:56 a.m. I gave up on them quieting down and just shut my windows and turned on the air. It drowned out their farewell party fairly well. It's hard to tell which guy is which -- one white frat boy looks remarkably like the next -- but I do believe this is one of the people who nearly burned down the building by adding more lighter fluid to the coals every time their grill flame burned down. His family has been loading up his little teal car and a big Dodge truck all afternoon.

Are all of them leaving? I have no idea. This might just be a rotation of friends. These are also the neighbors who like to bang on the doors (and windows) of their friends' places (and their own places) to get let back in after smoking and occasionally just because they don't want to take their keys with them. It always gives me pause when I hear that knocking. Even with my windows down it sounds like it's in here.

In other neighborhood news I haven't seen my neighbor Smokey all week. Woohoo! Nor have I seen his girlfriend in her super ghetto car. Has he moved or is he just away for the week? Prior to returning I was away for two weeks so I can't be certain for a few more weeks. In the meantime I'll enjoy the quiet.

Equally amusing but sad: I just watched my neighbor's family (mom, dad, little brother) try and give that sad, teal two-door a running start. Push, push, push, run, let it go. It rolled until it hit the speed bump.

Looks like your transmission's gone buddy. I know how that goes.

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