Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

I really should stop posting videos as this blog's only content; however, this video, much like the Starbucks video of eons ago, is very funny and a must see for everyone.

And so I give you An Engineer's Guide to Cats


Aquarius said...

The cat yodeling was priceless. Engineers are as weird as I suspected.

Jud said...

My lord, Coffee that was funny.

One question, at the risk of sounding like a pesky reader: uh, where is your fiction that we have come to need in our lives? Please? Pretty please? Some more of your writing? Don't make us beg, Coffee.

Taggie7 said...

Loved it... especially the cuddling punishment! :)

finicky said...

pretty funny to be sure - I can relate to all the cat stuff 150%


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