Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Publisher's Lunch

I'm finally getting Publisher's Lunch emailed to me. I had nearly given up -- scratch that, I had given up on ever getting the wonky email server to recognize me. I requested the email newsletter at least a month ago possibly as far back as six weeks. But apparently all is now well with the world and I've got another piece of self-inflicted spam, I mean potentially helpful newsletter in my inbox. (I think I'm up to 15 that show up sporadically).

But it's from Publisher's Lunch that I cull this *ahem* wonderful nugget and proof that the weight of an Iowa MFA can, in fact, get anyone published.
Iowa MFA graduate Peter Bognanni's THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW, a humorous and heartwarming story about a young man raised by his grandmother in a geodesic dome and home-schooled on the teachings of the inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller, who upon leaving the isolated existence he has always known discovers the joys of punk music and the heartbreak of first love, to Amy Einhorn at Amy Einhorn Books, by Julie Barer at Barer Literary (World).

Highly Recommended