Monday, July 21, 2008

Photo Tour: Ann Arbor Art Fair

It's over! All summer Ann Arbor ramps up for the art fair. Tasks are completed in terms of "that needs to be done before Art Fair" or "it's on the week before Art Fair," etc. Now we can all just take a big long breath and go back inside our air conditioning because woahbaby there's some all out humidity out there.

Now we're just waiting for the humidity to go away so we can start defining things in terms of home football games.

I'm sad to say that I don't think the little Blogger previews do many of these pictures justice. However if y ou see something interesting or can't quite make out an image you can always click on the picture to go to a big BIG version of the image.

I took this picture from the side so that you can see the three panes of glass this guy uses, but from the front you just get a great depth of field feeling.This guy is great. I see him every year I've been to Art Fair. He does cast paper mache and then paints it. Gives it really great texture.

You'll have to pardon the angle and cropping of many of these shots. I was shooting from the hip as it were. In order not to make people antsy or suspicious or behave in any other strange fashion, I took my camera (old school lense with a digital back) and wore it on a strap over my shoulder. Keeping on hand on the camera that way just made it look like I didn't want it stolen or bumping into anything. Thing was that I had the lense cap off and the camera on almost the entire time and was taking pictures from waist level. The first few were awful and I cropped the daylights out of the actual shot that I wanted. But I got better at it as I went along, working with not just the angle but the zoom as well. I love my camera. These dragons were among the early attmpts at shooting in stealth mode. They're metal and enamel.
The non-profit booths included the hottest man at art fair: the robot in the lampshade,
and the Southeast Michigan Naturists who were, strangely enough, fully clothed. Although there was much hubbub over the "naked photo shoot" as planned, annouced, and patrolled by the police. Oh Ann Arbor.Signature Art Fair product: art on a stick. These supposedly glow in the dark. Why do they need to glow in the dark? I have no idea.Waterfalls I didn't talk to the artist, but I'm kind of hoping these paintings come with a free Corona. Add a bottle with a lime to the foreground of either of these paintings and you've got a beer commercial!Now there's iconic East Liberty with the Michigan Theater and the State Theater and the Bell Tower in the back ground.This looks like a wall fresco but I'm not sure what it actually is -- still I love the texture.
Pig pottery - yes! shot from the hip! I'm getting better!Booth lurkingAwesome sculpturesWhirleygigsFish keychaings, The money shot -- yes I took that without looking The creatures that lurk in the dark This really great "house of glass": More booths more people milling, this time on S. University ... and, ohthankgod, the bus that will carry me back to my car.
And I'm out.

Highly Recommended