Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Business Cards

The new business cards arrived recently from moo.com. All the way from England straight over the big blue ocean to me! Maybe I should feel jealous of my cards as I've never been to England and they have. Maybe I should just give them out instead of taking pictures of them.

I've now got 100 cards all the size of a stick of gum bearing about 49 different designs on them. I'm crazy happy about these cards. They've even got the address of the yet to be unveiled website on them!

Card No.101 tells me "Yay! You're our new best friend." I love this company's asthetic and ethic. Considering that I asked for 100 custom made pieces of paper the price and turn around time (even across an ocean) was very reasonable.

These are my favorites:just incase you cared to know.

No, they're not traditional (thank god) and no, I'd most likely never get an accounting job with one of these. But lets face it: I'm no accountant. I couldn't give a shit about fitting into a suit. I don't look good in suits.

I learned about moo.com from my Kenyon suite-mate (find her poetry here) when she handed me her contact information on a thin little card with a crow. Actually, I chose the crow out of her stack of images. I thought it appropriate given my relationship with all the crows at Kenyon (namely that they were everywhere I looked!). She's an elementary school librarian and she said she wanted something where she could pull out one professionally but could also give them to guys and not feel stuffy. I certainly think she managed the combination (although her choices of designs were more subduded than mine). In general, I thought the cards were wonderful and memorable -- whenever she gave them out it sparked conversation -- so by the end of June I was lurking all over moo.com deciding what I liked and what was "me". By the beginning of July I'd aquired my URL and hosting space so it was off to the printer.

Oh and I almost forgot this little bit that they sent me and I pass on to you:

And, because any friend of yours is a friend of ours, we're also giving you a special code to pass on to someone who's never bought from MOO before. [Through July 27] the code 5QB66Q will entitle a brand new MOO customer to 15% off their first order. Help us spread the Summer love, and pass it on!

I've yet to give out a card. But I'm working on that. I've stashed a couple in various places that seem logical, like I'll be carrying that object and need to give out a card. If I'd had half a brain I would have had a card and a website before I went to Kenyon. But hindsight is 20/20 and the website is well on it's way!

Highly Recommended