Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ad of the Week

Seriously. [This will be quick so Rochelle doesn't roll her eyes and pat me on the shoulder like I'm an overexcited puppy.] But seriously, $4.25 a gallon?

Gas had not been under $4.09 in Michigan since early June. And to be honest, we may moan but none of us expect it to get back down there again.

Drilling is not the answer. Drilling is a band aid. A sort term fix. Drilling may get our parents through their lifetimes without major crisis (if this is minor crisis) but it won't help me. I want to have kids someday (shock! gasp! I know) but how am I supposed to drive them to soccer practice if A) I can't afford the gas on my English professor's salary or B) there isn't any gas to be bought?

We need cleaner, more efficient fuels that cost less.

Even if you think it's all crap. That global warming is crap, that climate change is crap, that clean energy is crap -- you have to understand the power of the dollar. Let's find ways to make that dollar buy more and buy more for longer. Cheap fuel in the present doesn't make for cheap fuel when I'm driving those theoretical children to soccer practice.

Although I'd prefer the girls play field hockey 'cause mama was a real star at that.

We could take on Normandy. We could take on the moon. Why can't we take on this?

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