Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ad of the Week

This week it's more than an ad, it's an ad campaign.

The campaign comes from Finland and is for the VR Train system. The video begins with some background about the monuments (second video posted here). Namely, it states that stone men from the front of the train station were used in commercials like this:

It's all in Finish but I think it follows pretty easily that it is about the history and progress of the train system and the stone men. Debatable is whether or not the stone men are supposed to be more child-like at the beginning of the progress.

This one is the one that's making a splash in the world of advertising. As in ad companies are taking note of it in places other than Finland. It's in several languages but subtitled.

Being intrigued, I kept looking for more of these commercials.

I found the campy, kidsy one called "Hands Free" which is easy to grasp the concept of as there's no talking.

And then one of the funniest: the boy band parody.

And then, because I know everyone would love to have a heart to heart with a reindeer ...

And, okay I don't speak Finnish so I've got no clue what the Train Watching one is about except that I know coffee when I see it.

I used to think the Geico Gecko was cool, but he's getting old. These guys might just be my new favorites.

Highly Recommended