Friday, March 28, 2008

Ayo Techonology

I have a wonderful new phone! It has internet! It takes pictures! I can get weather and email! It can function as a mp3 player!

So, with an unheard of stroke of brilliance for such an early hour, I took pictures while driving to work this morning (literally driving, thank god I didn't rear end the Toyota in front of me) of the gorgeous arbor of snow coated trees reaching across the road. And now the little shit phone won't give up the damn photos to my computer. After not finding an easy transfer option in the photo directory and then two brilliant thoughts I'm neither able to open it as another drive on my computer, nor have I been successful at emailing it to myself using the phone.

I could read the book that came with the phone. But my threshold is two go rounds. At this point I take a breather. Otherwise the phone will meet with an untimely end courtesy of the wall acting upon it as a means of equal and opposite force.

... ayo I'm tired of using technology ...

This means you have no snow pictures today, even though we got another three inches last night. But it melted and got heavy so it's off most of the trees by now. When I dusted my car in the morning I didn't dust the roof off. So when I walked out at noon the snow had slid from the roof to the wind shield. The entire wind shield and only the wind shield was covered with snow. The rest of the car was clean. Like someone had packed only over the front window! I laughed aloud when I saw it.

Today was the UNH MFA accepted student day. Alas, I did not go. But I am eagerly awaiting stories from the people who did go.

Highly Recommended