Friday, September 13, 2013

Army o Sun, action stations!

I think there's a smoke detector chirping ... somewhere. Probably upstairs. Or else one of the neighbors is doing something chirpy-squeaky. I'm disinclined to find out which. 

Right now, what I have on the brain is SUNFLOWERS! and my plans to plant a wall of them the entire length of the fence next spring. Especially since the Relatives and I have spent the past few weekends working on the backyard, leveling overgrown flowerbeds, cutting down the trees that were growing into the fence, and otherwise reclaiming the backyard in a way that makes the yard look truly huge. Truly huge and with a big old fence line that needs some insta-sunflower privacy screen action. Army o Sun, action stations!

... and speaking of action stations:

I could totally rewatch that show and not be bored for a single moment.

Highly Recommended