Thursday, August 01, 2013

Retro-post: The Truth of the Slush Pile

I'm AFB (away from blog) here for a bit, so I'm engaging in some what's-old-is-new-again blogging with retro-posts like this one:

A recent article by David Cameron published by The Review Review poses an intriguing concept: the writer took a story printed in The New Yorker, supposedly THE magazine when it comes to literary short fiction, and submitted it to other magazines as part of an experiment to see if the story was empirically "good."

That is, would all the other magazines jump to accept the cream of the crop story on their desk?

Answer: not a one.

It should be noted that not a single one of those Top Tier or Second Tier literary magazines sent him a rejection saying this was already published in the biggest magazine in the country, who do you think you're trying to fool?

Not a one.

What does this say about literary magazine publishing? Three things: Read them here...

Highly Recommended