Monday, July 08, 2013

Fun Reads: In a Fix

In a Fix, by Linda Grimes is a fun, fast paced, urban fantasy romp. Ciel is an aura shifter. That is, she can morph to look like anyone. And, for a fee, you can hire her to stand in for you at whatever social event you just can't stand the thought of attending. Which was all fine and dandy, even if it barely pays the bills, until a group of neo-Viking separatists tried to blow up the client she's impersonating.

Yep. Neo-Vikings. Just a taste of how witty and wacky and deliciously fun this book is.

It reminds me a lot of the fabulous voice in Susan Abel Sullivan's The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama, which in turn reminded me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series

Ciel's good at getting into trouble. And she can even almost take care of herself. But that doesn't stop her friends Billy and Mark (both shifters themselves) from trying to coddle and protect her by dealing with the tough stuff themselves, which of course Ciel can't let them get away with.

These three may have known each other forever, but they're getting to a point in life where the sexual tension  is ratcheted up. Ciel's had a crush on Mark for years and it's time to either get over him and move on, or jump him ... and Ciel can't decide which. Billy has his own agenda, and it definitely doesn't involve Ciel and Mark becoming a couple. But the refreshing part about all this wonderfully chewy sexual tension, is that not only does Ciel really not know what to do about it, not only do Billy and Mark not approve of her potentially dating the other, but that the guys don't go all growly primal male over her. It's not that kind of book. Nope. First off, they're not the "mark your territory" kind of guys. Second, there's these neo-Vikings trying to kill them and neo-Viking uprising does, in fact, take precedence.

I often pop over to read Linda Grimes's witty blog, Visiting Reality, and was delighted to find out she published a novel. She recently announced that at least three of the novels have been bought by Tor, so get ready for lots more Ciel!

Highly Recommended