Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to avoid sleep

How to avoid sleep: At Midnight, start working on editing your own short story.

Think, I'll just quickly read through and cut 850 words.

End up adding 100 words.

At 3:00 AM consider going to sleep. But you're so close! Just a few more pages! And you know if you stop now you'll only have to start from the beginning when you pick it up tomorrow.

Continue reading and editing. Tinker with emphasis of theme. 5:00 AM and the story's complete.

Format to market's guidelines.


Congratulations, it's now 5:30 AM. Dawn is doing that rosy finger thing that poets write about.

Consider whether it's better to sleep til late afternoon or put on a pot of coffee and work through it.

You're wide awake and you make your own hours, so why not?

Besides, early-early morning is great for getting work done! No one bothers you because no one's awake! And those who are awake don't bother you because they don't think anyone else is awake.

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