Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maurice Sendak

Earlier this week, Marice Sendak, creator of Where the Wild Things Are and renowned illustrator, passed away at the age of 83. Every time I hear an interview he did, or listen to someone else talk about him, I fall in love with the man's spirit and wit a little bit more.

There's a great All Things Considered piece on Sendak from this week where they talk about how his books arrived right with the cultural revolution of the 60s, and they were part of it. They weren't safe. They weren't nice and sanitized. They had the sort of brutality that encompasses what it means to actually have a child-like understanding of the world, not the idealized notion of "child-like" which grown ups like to nostologize and protect.

But this image below has my all-time favorite Sendak moment:
How's that for appreciating one's fans?

Highly Recommended