Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recently Read: Dragon Bound

Yesterday I finished reading Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison and it feels like a more sophisticated paranormal romance. The hero isn't all me-big-bad-primitive, you-little-lady, me-think-for-you (which was the reason I couldn't stand Dark Prince and several other paranormal romances which I've read). This is markedly above that.

I didn't think I'd like this book given the first ten pages, and it took me a few days to get beyond the ten pages. But once I hit page 100, I finished the next 300 pages that day. It got good, dude.

But the best line of the entire book happened on page 223, when Dragos, the hero, still hasn't caught his enemy Urien after several days of when none of his generals are even able to get Urien's location for him so that they can (essentially) storm the fortress and start the war.

Dragos, at the end of his littany of what's gone wrong with his day and what his to do list still includes, wonders:
Why couldn't someone just FedEx him Urien's head?
Perhaps you found that as funny as I did. Perhaps it needs context. The context of these big, bad ass dragons and gryphons and mythical beasts who are literally as old as time itself using FedEx in their quest to kill one another.

What can I say? I was amused.

Highly Recommended