Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've had a series of health problems lately which have deprioritized blogging. Nothing too serious -- don't be alarmed -- the most recent of which is a hellacious head cold. (Did you know that with enough drugs you can sleep for twelve hours even with your sinuses completely stuffed up?)

But whenever I get sick like this, it gets me thinking about being a kid. When I'd get really sick when I was in high school, my dad would trudge out to the store and get a fresh batch of cold meds, boxes of Kleenex, and cans of soup. He'd never tell me he was going to the video store before he left, and somehow I was always so miserable that I was surprised in spite of past occurences to see him walk back in the door with VHS cases. And he would always rent me the same two movies -- Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Independence Day.  They became, in my mind, the perfect films to watch and rewatch when you're sick and can't even concentrate well enough to read a book.

I'm heartily considering planting myself in front of the television today with my tea and my soup and my Kleenex. But I haven't yet decided what to watch. Sadly, the video stores around me have all closed up shop so I'll have to make do with what's on the shelf at home.

Highly Recommended