Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mysteries of the universe

So as I was eating Chinese food for lunch today -- I'm having a bit of a spat with my Jenny Craig counselor, thus my deviation to the land of vegetable lo mien -- I stumbled upon a question that perplexes me: the origins of baby corn.

Is baby corn the same as regular ears of corn but someone has picked them when they're small and young? Like how bonsai trees are actually regular trees that someone has just forced to their small stature?

Or is baby corn a genetically different breed of corn that will never become the corn I, as an American Midwesterner, am infinitly familiar with? Like how a teacup poodle will never become a standard poodle no matter how much you feed it?

These are the mysteries of the universe.

I suppose I could Wikipedia it, but I'm not that interested in the right answer; I'm more interested in posing the question. Which is probably why law school failed to interest me for even one semester.  So instead of spending my time looking up the answer, I thought I'd share with you my lunch-time thought process.

(picture shown is not my lunch)

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