Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall is Coming

Screw the Starks and all their winter is coming dourness. Fall is coming! Fall is here!

It's 60 or 70 degrees outside and the leaves are starting to change and the air smells mossy -- of cut grass and crushed leaves and rain all mixed into one.

Ah, fall, how I love you!

Now, whether or not you capitalize the names of seasons has been a point of contention between my father and I over the past year. He says you must capitalize them as they follow the proper name rule. But I was all skeptical.

Turns out the discrepancy comes from the fact that the rule has changed.

It used to be the rule to capitalize Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall -- or Autumn if that's the way you lean. But that rule has largely gone out of favor. so unless the name of the season is part of the proper name of something (like Winter Olympics) then it gets denied status and is relegated to the lowly lowercase regions (like summer school, or spring break, or wintertime).

Darn English, always in flux like all other spoken languages. If only it was dead like Latin, we wouldn't have any of these problems.
Image Credit: Mal B

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