Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ad of the Week

This ad, on the surface, is just another example of The Strange in advertising ... until you start considering history and the influence of other ads. But when you begin considering it as a referential narrative work, it starts to get interesting (in my opinion).

I first saw the following ad about 6-9 years ago. It's a European car ad that, at the time, rocked my freakin world. The quality of the video below is obviously lacking when compared to the above video, and part of that is the fault of the youtube poster and part of that is just how much CGI has improved in the past few years.

Take the Citroen ad and add to it the hamsters of previous Kia commercials and the production of first ad in this post -- with its cyborgs, mice, cars and lots of dance moves -- becomes the logical, inevitable conclusion.

But in spite of that "inevitability," I totally want to see what they come up with next as they continue down this path -- plz continue down this path, because it both confuses and amuses me. Plz!

Highly Recommended