Monday, June 06, 2011

You're basically finished with your MFA -- how do you feel?


That's pretty much sums it up.

It's been a crazy dash to the deadline -- a self-imposed deadline nonetheless -- and it doesn't seem like it's over. Perhaps because I finished the project, lined up a cat-sitter, and madly dashed out of town for a family graduation party four hours north. There was no great sigh of relief, no celebratory beverage (unless you count the coffee with my cat-sitter), and no happy dance in the end zone.

Although there was some bouncing on the balls of my feet but that's more nervous excitement, and the giddy feeling of turning in something that you think really should have gotten one more proof reading.

All and all, it just seems unreal.

My project committee has the next three weeks to peruse my collection of stories, send back their comments and decide if they're going to sign off on the project and therefore my degree. I've listened to my advisor, so I'm not terribly worried that they won't sign off on the project -- maybe if I was worried there would be more finality to the actual finishing.

As it is, I'm off to do some errands today and on to the next project.

Anyone else feel this way at the end of their degree?

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