Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere -- congratulations! you've made it to another summer solstice! The planets/solar system celebrated with their version of barbecue and fireworks: a scorching 90 degree day here in Michigan that may produce tordanoes and a solar storm on the sun which produced a solar flare and something they call "coronal mass ejection" which was hurled at Earth.

Don't worry about the coronal mass ejection, despite the scary and slightly lewd name, it is apparently a weak sort of ejection. And when it arrives at earth on Thursday we won't even know it. Don't you hate it when that happens? Though, in the ejection's defense, it "could trigger polar geomagnetic storms."


I think I'll just keep an ear open for the tornado sirens.

I'm still hanging out in my own personal never-never land. I finally got a rejection from one of the PhD programs I applied to. Thanks for the official email, guys, but I figured that out six weeks ago. I'm annoyed that they waited until late June to notify me, but at this point, I would have been more outraged if they had accepted me but not told me until 10 weeks before the start date. Am I spoiled because MFA programs almost always tell you your status by April 15, or am I right in thinking a June twenty-something notification is total bullshit?

Since I assumed rejection when they wouldn't even give me a status update six weeks ago, that really doesn't changes my plans or outlook. The never-never land feeling has to do with many things other than that.

Now that I've finished my MFA project/thesis, I'm in need of accomplishing a lot of goals without external deadlines. And really would like a paycheck one day.

Some days I think I should have stuck with my computer science major.  I'm actually thinking of temping.  Ick.

Photo credit: aechempati and no, I don't own a Corgi, he was just very happy and summery looking


Elizabeth Twist said...

I've noticed that people have been behaving squirrelier than normal. I attribute it to the coronal mass ejection, definitely.

I call b.s. on the June twenty-something notification date. It's probably some department chair failing to schedule time to send out rejections. The priority for administration is filling all their spots, right? Who has time for etiquette or common decency?

Good luck figuring out your next step. I hope you're still marinating in the glorious sauce of your accomplishment.

Tanya Reimer said...

Aw good luck, and it does suck waiting on others! But temping might be an adventure... hmmm...

Happy Summer!

El Johno said...

to try to be positive....There's a chance you were actually secretly "wait-listed" and they were waiting to hear from people they extended offers. Sometimes the bidding process can take a while. Most doctoral students aren't like me and say "just give me whatever! I NEED OUT OF THIS PLACE!" and they haggle several schools against each other for money.

also, a solar flare and coronal ejection can cause issues with communication systems. Watch out for spotty cell-phone coverage, and breaks in cable signal

and solar bears. always be afraid of solar bears. they're like polar bears, except yellow, swim in molten gasses, and shoot flames out their mouths

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