Monday, May 16, 2011

Four ways to amuse yourself on Monday

I found a kindred spirit over at Ass Over Tea Cup: someone else who fell in love with Anne McCaffery books as a teen/pre-teen and consumed them relentlessly.  Our favorite?  It was and remains Dragonsinger.  Erin posts about Dragonsinger illustrator Elizabeth Littman, whom you will instantly love for her heart and care.

10 simple ways to write faster started off really nice.  Maybe I found it nice because I'd already converted to the Church of the Outline and the article writer was preaching to the choir.  Then as it went on, I sorta wanted to deck the preacher.  Probably feeling pugnacious because I've been sitting too long at my desk.

Your life in photos: your life, that is, if you lived at IKEA.

From xkcd -- read it on its original page

Highly Recommended