Friday, March 11, 2011


And here I was thinking dystopia was hot in YA novels. Turns out the governor of my state is also a fan.

Gov. Snyder has said he wants to tax pensions (which is the "tax old people" part of the above report). He's also "selflessly" declared he will work for only one dollar a year -- no doubt trying to assuage the anger of people's retirement money now being taxed. Gov. Snyder, however, is a millionaire who owns at least one big Michigan based business (I think they make closet organizing systems or something like that, but I could be wrong); he doesn't need to worry about his retirement.

To be fair, I'm guessing the intent behind the bill is to prevent some of the situations we've seen around the state like those we've seen with the Detroit Public School System. But this proposal is using a hatchet to kill a fly.

What a nightmare. At best this provides writers with a ready-made dystopia--no need to design your own!

Highly Recommended