Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What was I saying ... ?

I could have sworn I had an idea for a half-way decent blog post.  Now I haven't the foggiest.  Could be because I'm tired and I've ceased to care about everything, which sucks cause I have a lot left to do tonight.  Could be because I've become a teensy bit food obsessed.

I finally decided it was time to shit or get off the pot.  So on Monday I went and joined Jenny Craig.  Yay.  I carted home my pre-packaged, pre-measured food in its fancy-pants carrying bags.  I emptied crap out of my freezer that I really should have thrown away months ago, and created a fancy-pants organizational system in said freezer.  I read the fancy-pants books ... okay, just the one and just the first section because it all blurred together after a while.

Basically, by 10:00 AM Tuesday morning, after my coffee, Jenny-cereal, measured allotment of milk, and 16 ounces of water, I was feeling pretty damn fancy-pants myself.

I'm completely confident that if I follow the system I'll lose the weight.  So tally-ho, system!  And that confidence is making me feel smug.  I want to titter to the people I pass I'm loosing weight, and be all uber-cocky about it.

Whenever I'd done a DIY diet, I always wonder am I doing it right? did I get the proportion right? is this on or off the list? so I don't feel like I'm losing weight until the scale says so.  And the waiting isn't good for my pysche.  It certainly doesn't make me feel smug.

But I spent this afternoon away from the apartment.  I got in some physical activity, but I didn't take any food with me.  I got back home at 5:00 PM and felt oh-so-hungry.  I tried to take the edge off of it, but it didn't work -- I just didn't have enough vegetables in the house.  I went to the store, came back with $35 worth of fresh produce and started to cook it ... finally sat down to "dinner" at 7:45.  Way too late.  By that point the rationed food could take the edge off but not satisfy.  And the eat-them-until-you're-full-vegetable option?  Who the hell wants to be cooking vegetables at 8 or 9 at night?

So anyway.  Poor planning on my part and now obsession/hunger is coloring everything.  Oh, I'm still pretty damn smug that I'm losing weight, but I'm also pretty damn distracted.

And yes, the food (so far) tastes good.

Highly Recommended