Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Searching, Receiving ... now if the universe could just deliver me a story before deadline

I've been searching for the Robert Heinlein article/letter titled "On the writing of speculative fiction," ever since Elizabeth Twist referenced it in her post earlier this week.  It's better known as "Heinlein's rules of writing."  All I can find of it on the internet are the rules themselves and that it's supposedly from a 1947 private letter to Heinlein's agent Blassingame.  I've contacted my father to see if it's in Grumbles from the Grave, which I remember skimming for a report in high school and recall having Heinlein's letters in it.  Hopefully I'll find it soon because I want to see the whole of the essay.

The Secret History of FantasyI also sent for and received The Monsters and the Critics, a book of Tolkien essays on Ursala Le Guin's recommendation.  no, Le Guin and I are not chummy -- but oh how I wish we'd discussed it over coffee! -- I have a long list of "seminal work to read" courtesy of Le Guin's essay in Secret History of Fantasy edited by Peter S. Beagle (and still available in book stores).  And the copy of Monsters and the Critics I bought arrived by Royal Air Mail -- apropos, I think.  In there is "On Faerie-Stories," his famous what is fantasy essay.

And ... I'll be up half the night finishing a short story for deadline.

I love having these weekly MFA thesis deadlines, but they also set a tough pace.  Yep.  Still lovehate deadlines. And I'm on another one.  Right now.  Okay, universe, time to deliver.

Highly Recommended