Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Hunger Games party?

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from a recent facebook conversation with two of my friends and fellow grad students:

Friend One: in possession of Mocking Jay and can't wait to read it! All I gotta do is conquer these portfolios first.

Me: your will power is greater than mine. I got mockingjay on Sunday afternoon and finished it at 3am. Screw grading.

Friend Two: It is sooooo good! We should all get together and have a Hunger Games party.

Me: ... and what would make it a Hunger Games party? all of us attempting to kill each other?

Two: well, maybe something slightly less depressing than that?

One: No no. I think we should kill each other :-)

Two: Kill with kindness? Come on! Or maybe, and this would be awesome. We go to someone's house. Turn on room of the house into the arena where two of us have to fight. And then we can be your supporters and throw things at you that might help you. Honestly, I'm imagining a wrestling match where I'm pelting you with yeast rolls.


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