Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grab bag

Suggested by Michael, 50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work and getting the damnwriting done.

Nathan Norton, a Third Coast Magazine intern, posted a great article on the Third Coast blog about why your story's title is important and ways to think of making it better. He had me laughing several times along the way.

The principles of physics meet real life in Unpopular Science, a comic from NYTimes. I find most of them amusing, but you'll probably get a real kick out of them if you have kids.

Here's some practical magic for writers: a blog post from Writer Unboxed which inspired me to get a copy of this book. The book hasn't arrived yet (no bookstores still stock it), so I'll let you know in a week (or month) how it is.

Speaking of magic and the fact that it's almost Halloween, how annoying is it that you can't get your hands on a Halloween movie from Netflix for the past ten days? You must have to plan all your Halloween orders ahead, submit them at the beginning of them month and then hang on to them all Smog-like until the actual holiday. Bummer. Guess I won't be listening to Thackery Binx tell me how to defeat a trio of witches this weekend.

When I was a teenager I thought Thackery Binx--though human only for 20 minutes of the entire movie--was oh-so-cute.  But it wasn't until I saw a Thackery Binx photo today that I realized that actor is the same one who is now McGee on NCIS.  Ha. Crazy.

Highly Recommended