Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Writing by hand makes us smarter  ... and Margret Atwood can't touch type. Who knew?

National Coffee Day was on September 29. Totally missed it. The good people of America were handing out free coffee around the country, but I was too mired in my 10 Day Slog Through Hell to notice. But I did belated find this article from CBS on the day. Apparently "heavy caffeine consumption" is six or more cups of coffee a day and can lead to health problems. Guess that means my 3-4 cups a day makes me an addict but not a junkie ... or something.

They think they've found the honeybee hive killer -- and since the NYTimes only ran this article on October 6 of this year, all those idiots who previously told me that "oh no, they've figured it out," can stuff it. People are so full of shit. More accurately, they love speaking authoritatively about things they know nothing about.

Speaking of which, it's just a few weeks until elections and the advertisements abound, in my area they're almost all of them for the State Senate race. Except there's going to be a sharp decrease in them. Not because the Republican candidate agreed to stop her smear campaign and step up and take the Democratic candidate's positive campaigning pledge, but because the Democratic candidate passed away suddenly on Monday causing the Republican party to yank all of their negative print and TV ads. Apparently, it takes a death to get through to them this campaign season. (Update: in my mail today there were 3 smear campaign mailers)

This guest blog at Nathan Bransford's blog is wonderful. Covers a lot of ground and several different ways of thinking about the first pages of a novel.

And a little bit of love and one sad orphaned comma from Reasoning with Vampires:

Highly Recommended