Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh no.

There is a piece of ugly brown furniture on the grassy swath between apartment and sidewalk across the street. Above it a guy is leaning out the second floor balcony with a Heineken mini-keg. His buddy grabs it and puts it on the ground beside the ugly brown chair; he goes inside.

Oh no.

I'm hoping against hope that this is the product of them moving out of the apartment.

The guy comes out the door of the apartment with a matching ugly, brown upholstered chair. Buddy comes back out. Through the window Guy hands buddy some sort of sound system. Buddy rests it on top of the air conditioning unit. Guy feeds the electrical cord out.

Oh shit.

Buddy goes back in, comes out with a glass and a black lab puppy. He pours a beer, takes a seat. Lets the dog sniff around. Guy comes out wearing swim trunks over boxers (both are visible) and nothing else.


Up until this moment I really thought I lived in too high a rent district for this to happen.

Edit: Three hours later there is a third piece of ugly brown upholstery -- how many of these things do they have? -- and there's a chick sitting in it.

Highly Recommended