Sunday, May 23, 2010

Image of the Fantastic

I quite desperately want this: Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. So! Pretty!

Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books))Okay, the cover art is kinda creepy but what was that whole thing about judging a book by its cover? It's over 200 pages of the stellar, recent fantasy(ish) art. If you click through on the link there's a handful of image previews that you can look at on Amazon. I went through this entire book at the bookstore and the image previews don't do it justice. They're gorgeous.

I used to hate fantasy art -- probably because my definition of "fantasy" was so narrow: I only liked what I liked and I only wanted the art to be the rendering of what I saw in my mind when I read certain books. I've grown since then. I'm not longer fixated on certain books or certain images. Now I'm more than willing to embrace the awe and the wonder.

I'm betting that by this time tomorrow I'll have broken down and ordered it.

Highly Recommended