Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is my coffee table. More precisely, this is the ten inches above my coffee table which is, obviously, occupied. Behind the books you do see are more books you don't see.

The table top itself is really freaking sweet. I found an old printer's typeset drawer at Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor, cleaned it up, got a piece of glass cut to fit it and rest the whole thing on top of two footstool/seating "cubes." The drawer has all these fabulous compartments in it which create an awesome geometric design ... when it's not covered that is.

I haven't been seeing much of that geometric coolness this semester.

Usually it's just my end table that gets treacherous.

I could do with some more shelving but floor space is limited and I'm hesitant to spend time adding shelving to the walls (finding the studs is more of an art than a science in this apartment) when I know that I've my time in this local is limited.

What these photos don't detail is the envelope stuffing process that has taken over my floor/coffee table between when the pictures were taken and when the post went up. I have about 400-500 SASE that need to be stuffed with replies from the Third Coast contest. I've probably stuffed upwards of 150 today.

BTW I am in love with envelopes that you don't have to get wet to seal. Sealing the traditional envelopes with a sponge is proving annoying slow and only about 75% effective.

And finally, for perspective of the current workload, I give you books and fluffy cat.

Highly Recommended