Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From the email in-box

Recently I received an email from someone wanting to advertise on my blog.
Hi Eileen,

Hope you don't mind me getting in touch. I wanted to let you know about a campaign we’re running for [company name deleted], promoting their new ‘[product name deleted]’ drink in a hilarious video featuring monkeys’ anal glands and lizards’ balls… need I say more?
No, you don't need to say more. In fact, please don't say anymore.

The email continued on with about another eight or ten inches of text which I didn't read before deleting. But I was left with many unanswered questions which I will now pose to the universe.

(1) What about my blog made you think that I'd promote a non-coffee drink? (and btw I blog about things I like, not things people have asked me to promote)

(2) What about my blog made you think that animal genitalia really cracks me up?

(3) Why would anyone want to associate the beverage they're about to consume with testicles?

Highly Recommended