Monday, March 29, 2010

On Process: Writing

I'm on deadline. Again. This one is an editing/revision deadline. Earlier in the month I went crazy over a workshop deadline because I didn't have a story finished and nothing I'd started wanted to let me finish it ... so I started over from scratch.

My writing process is usually quite organic. When I'm on a deadline it becomes a matter of manic work and some grocery store preparation. I lug home a brown bag full of "study food" which, for me, spells comfort and concentration. Gummy bears, sunflower seeds, coffee (of course), chocolate covered raisins, apples and peanut butter**, and liters and liters of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Everything else I can negotiate on -- location, atmosphere, the cleanliness of the kitchen, the flavor of the coffee, even which snack foods are purchased -- but the Diet Dr. Pepper is nonnegotiable.

What is your writing process? Is it an activity or a place, or is it a collection of goods?

**Ten points to the person who posts the name of the TV show whose characters work hard fueled by apples and peanut butter. (My dad got this right away so it's not that obscure, but I will hint that the show is off the air now.)

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