Sunday, March 28, 2010

Debating ...

I'm currently in a quandary as to whether or not to keep my website in addition to my blog. With the addition of's "pages" feature I can have some of the static pages attached to my free blogger account which pretty much eliminates the need for the static pages on the not-too-often updated website of mine.

I do, however, love the clean lines of my website -- I'm skilled enough to create a website from scratch with a few photos from my digital camera but I'm not skilled enough to design a layout for Blogger (their pages are much more sophisticated than mine) that embodies that same design.

My "pages" are a work in progress but I'm working to use them to get rid of some of the sidebar clutter I've accumulated. Including the link list I plan to put on one of the pages for blogs that I love but really don't get updated often enough.

If I lose the website I'd not have to pay for the hosting, I could however retain the URL and have it point to the blog. I'd like that. The blog gets way more hits than the website does and I'm not surprised by that. The blog is the most dynamic part of the whole enterprise. Its content is regularly updated and it is the part that I promote not the static website.

I think that description should be enough to do it: I keep referring to the website as "static." If there's one thing I know it's that static sites do not live long on the internet. So do I cut the dead weight?

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