Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ad of the Week

I loved Soulless and can't wait for Blameless and Changeless to come out. I even re-read Soulless last month. *fangirl-squee!* And additional fangirl noises are required for this video due to it's awesome photoshop-ness.

In other news the new version of Microsoft Word is still annoying. Yes, I'm getting used to the format being bizarre and forcing me to be a spacial/visual person while I type motherfriggin words (why can't they keep the lists and keep me from jumping from one side of the brain to the other to complete a simple task?)

What did Word suggest to me today? It took the sentence "... until the doe came to life and fed from his hand" and suggested I change doe to dough. Monster loaves of Frankenstein, I guess.

Highly Recommended